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About Me

Hello, and welcome to my world.  Life has taken me in a number of extraordinary directions and this site is about celebrating those experiences and paving the way for new ones.  I am fascinated by the world around us and have always pursued endeavors that balance this curiosity with my passions.  Whether it’s cutting up the concrete on a board, sharing a song with fans, old and new alike, or discovering the hidden gems in a new place while on location for a shoot, I’ve spent my life living by one simple rule: live authentically.   

My current venture into the YouTube universe has presented me with a number of new challenges, both personally and professionally.  Despite spending most of my life in the public eye, I’ve maintained a quiet demeanor in order to keep my personal life private.  I wasn’t on Timcast IRL for long before all of that changed and in the process of researching politics, I also found a voice to support the new breadth of knowledge I acquired.  Sharing my voice has precipitated a passion that will drive me for the rest of my life and I dedicate this site to sharing that passion with all of you.

The world is complicated but I’ve always believed that staying true to yourself is the best compass.  My YouTube channel challenges me daily to keep my mind open and my convictions strong.  That is the spirit of this site and I hope that energy invigorates all of you in your own endeavors.  May fortune favor you all and stay tuned for more.


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